Among Others

Jo Walton
Among Others Cover

Among Others


This book opens with Morwenna Phelps headed to boarding school. Mor is 15 years old and walks with a can. She recently "escaped" from the clutches of her wacko mother - a witch - and is now living with her father - Daniel - and the Aunts, who have their own secret. Mor is a twin but her twin was killed in the car accident that left her crippled.

Morwenna is reader, primarily of science fiction but not opposed to other genre. About all she and Daniel have in common is reading sci fi. Daniel is as addicted as she. The story is set in 1979, so the sci fi they are reading is similar to what I was reading in 1979 but I sure missed a lot!

At boarding school, Mor, entering a month into the term, has to fight to get courses she likes and doesn't completely succeed. She is soon at the top of most of her clases, except for math -- she can do the math associated with physics but has problems with long division! Mor, as the newcomer, does not have a lot friends and stays to herself. Then her wicked mother discovers she is there and Mor uses magic to build a protective shield. At the same time, feeling very lonely, she does a bit of magic that results in her being invited to join a sci fi book club and things start to look up for Mor. She begins to move forward with her life.

This book has a dark side but overall it's a coming of age story full of hope and books! Libraries and book stores are favorite places for Mor and her friends. The librarians look out for Mor and help her in her worse times.