Tailchaser's Song

Tad Williams
Tailchaser's Song Cover

Cat road trip


I was in a cat Café in Singapore, and they had all kind of great cat books laying about. I picked this one up, read the author's note at the start and the first chapter or so while cats milled about (mainly ignoring me).

Decided then that I had to read this through.

So, sourced me a copy and read the thing. Don't think I have ever read a full animal story book.

Liked it, sure -- but mainly the first half. For whatever reason, I wanted more interaction between cats and the human world. Did I want it to be like 'The Secret of Nimh'? Felt it lost me a bit once Tailchaser went a questing in earnest.

Also, jeez, the second half was heavy! I'm all for heavy, but it certainly is not a pleasent life for the cats once the Mound comes into play. That was a bit hard going.

In the author's notes, he talks of him doing a 'Lord of the Rings with cats' deal -- and I wonder if I would have twigged to that if it wasn't mentioned? But it was all I could think about as I went through it, and it made me think it was too small on worldbuilding to be LOTR, and too heavy in themes to really inspire me.