The Water Knife

Paolo Bacigalupi
The Water Knife Cover

The Water Knife


Wow, this novel is a slap in the face of the climate change deniers. Even if I myself am optimistic about the outcome of the current climate problems, this novel hits hard, and hits where it hurts.

The future is near, and it that future, rivers of refugees are fleeing. And this times the refugees are white and proud Texans.

Nevada and California are under de facto martial law to keep the influx of dirty stupid Merry Perry's down - going so far to let the skins off some of them hung as a warning to any who might get the wrong Idea.

Arizona, and the Colorado river are caught in the middle of all that, and there's where the story of this exciting thriller plays out. The pace is great, and the characters are, well if not relateable, at least understandable, but the real protagonist of the novel is the background - how it can change people, and how it can show us the animal underneath.