Too Like the Lightning

Ada Palmer
Too Like the Lightning Cover

Too Like the Lightning


Ada Palmer, the author of "Too Like the Lightning," is obviously brilliant and talented, and she does a lot of clever and unique things in this book. I would be surprised if it does not receive some award noms.

However, even though I can acknowledge that this a remarkably well-done book, I did not enjoy it at all. I felt there was a lack of storytelling; the whole thing read like a novelization of the author's notes on the intricate world and the enormous cast. I was bored with the pages upon pages of politics, and I grew weary of the detailed descriptions of the appearance of every single character ([who may or may not be male and/or female ad nauseam]. I could have put the book down at any time and never gone back to it and not cared in the least.

"Too Like the Lightning" was only a 2 star read for me (but I will most likely be in the exception with that rating).