Archivist Wasp

Nicole Kornher-Stace
Archivist Wasp Cover

Archivist Wasp


I'm not sure what to make of this. Wasp and the soldier are very interesting characters, the world is fascinating (but very depressing), the trip through the underworld enjoyable (that is probably not the right word), the ending highly satisfactory.

But still... something didn't work for me, and I can't put my finger on why. It didn't feel like YA to me, but there was somehting more. Maybe the worldbuilding was too original for something that is - presumably - rooted in a plausible future of Earth? Maybe there was just too much casually described cruelty? Maybe the dynamics between the two main characters could have used some more company?

Nevertheless, a very good story; and I am disappointed to see that it has been mostly overlooked for awards.