Making Wolf

Tade Thompson
Making Wolf Cover

Making Grit


Bleak, sick, gritty, action-packed-- an award-winning neo-noir detective thriller taking place in a vague Yoruba-dominated nation that, despite the schlocky CGI cover, feels highly realistic and adult. Along with familiar themes of violence, depravity, and shock, also addresses themes of colonialism, corruption, Western involvement, and immigrant guilt (and, if you want to get literary, some underhanded symbolism of cultural dominance, castration, insecurity, and impotence, all cleverly played). Thompson's Alcacia stands for something more, but if you just want a well-written, rip-roaring good read of mystery and depravity, it's that too, making it reminiscent of the more ambitious, but slightly less un-put-downable Booker winner A Brief History of Seven Killings. Looking forward to more from this author.