Joe Haldeman
Camouflage Cover



Re: sub-genres: This is NOT an alien invasion novel. Just because there is an alien who comes to earth does not mean it should be categorized as alien invasion. Did the Apollo astronauts "invade" the moon?? Did Mark Watney (aka Matt Damon) and his crew "invade" Mars? Did Chrsitopher Columbus invade... er, ah... well, yes he did, but that one wasn't science fiction (more like dark fantasy, or maybe horror ...).

To get back to the novel - YES read it, it won a Nebula, it's by Joe Haldeman, what more could you ask for???

My rating system: I begin with one star being equivalent to a rating of "C -". Progressing upwards, I add ½ star for each step, up to the maximum 5 stars, which is equivalent to a rating of "A"+. I reserve ½ star for BOMBS, there being no option of zero or negative stars.