The Children of Men

P. D. James
The Children of Men Cover

The Children of Men


I have made it no secret that I hate reading a book after I have seen the movie. I find it next to impossible to separate the directors vision of the book from my own. But sometimes, I had no idea a movie is based on a book until I see it, and this was the case with The Children of Men. I loved the movie. It was dark and there was this wonderful subtly to the sense of hopelessness in a society where no children are being born. I decided right there and then that I had to read the book. I immediately put it on my reading list, and just like the dog in the movie "Up" (Squirrel!!) promptly forgot about it.

Well roll around to 2016, and I am scanning my list for female authors to read and low and behold this book pops into my vision (Squirrel!!) and I decide now is the time to read it. I am about to say something that makes me die a little bit each time I am forced to say it. In the spirit of safety any small children, pregnant women, and people with a heart condition might want to stop reading this review now....

The movie was so much better.

There I've said it. Please take a minute to pick up your shattered psyche, and try to find some way to continue with your life, you know, if you can.

Every character in this novel was a douche bag. None more so than Theo Faron. He spends the entire first part of the novel wallowing in a miasma of self-pity. I know that it was because of a general sense of hopelessness in the society, but it made for agonizing chapter after chapter to read. The second part of the novel was even worse because even though it was full of chasing, it was just long and dragging.

I did like the end of the novel, because Theo's true douchey nature starts to raise its head. But all in all, I would have rather just re-watched the movie.