The World of Null-A

A. E. Van Vogt
The World of Null-A Cover

The World of Null-A


This is a very strange book. I had read that it influenced some of the great science fiction writers of the golden age, including Philip K Dick. I guess I can believe it. It's very dickian. At times it is disjointed, confusing, even incomprehensible. I attribute that the the authorship of van Vogt. It could have been muck better written. There is virtually no character development, and the motivations and loyalties of the characters is confusing.

The World of Null-A. Null-A means non-Aristotelian, but it's never clear what it is. Is it a philosophy? A religion? An alternate view of reality? Null-A flowed through this novel, but it has virtually no impact on the story. The novel could have been virtually the same if Null-A had never been mentioned.

I had read that van Vogt was into dianetics with L. Ron Hubbard, who later founded the church of Scientology. I thought maybe Null-A had something to do with that. I still don't know.