Larry Niven
Ringworld Cover



Very episodic feel to the exploration of a huge object. Props for the concept, but the characters are somewhat flat.

Before this novel, Larry Niven wrote several stories in his Known Space universe, and he is clearly comfortable with that timeline and those aliens. Here, a few of them are assembled to encounter a huge object with descriptions in Hard SF. This exploration has a very episodic feel to it, and some of the physics apparently had minor errors which were corrected in later books.

Some of the interplay between characters is interesting, and they are definitely alien in motivation and description. They do not grow much beyond those beginnings, though. Niven's writing of women is disappointing.

While I read Rendezvous with Rama and many other classics as a kid, I somehow missed this series. I've seen quite a few reviews suggesting that a reader stop after the first book. While I will probably read a few more Known Space short stories and certainly revisit some of the author's collaborative writing, I do not intend to continue exploring Ringworld.