A Closed and Common Orbit

Becky Chambers
A Closed and Common Orbit Cover

A Closed and Common Orbit


Your feel-good reading book and temporary election antidote

Synopsis: One of the Wayfarer's crew has rescued Lovelace – or what was left of her – after the reboot, and taken her back to their home planet to adjust to life in her new body, in order to spare her and the Wayfarer's engineer the grief of Lovey's lost personality. But for an AI who's used to being able to see and hear everything at all times and download any required information instantly and save it all in an expansive memory, life in a human-like body constrained by leftover inhuman programming protocols is confusing, confining, and terrifying.

What I thought: This is your feel-good reading book, your temporary election antidote. Yes, there is danger, and loss, and pain, and grief – but there is also self-discovery, redemption, friendship, and joy. This is on my Hugo Novel longlist because I am still smiling and feeling uplifted, a week after finishing it.