The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome

Serge Brussolo
The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome Cover

The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome


When the substance of dreams becomes more valued than artwork

Synopsis: In a near-future world, the only works of art which are valued are the ectoplamic constructs brought back from the depths by "Dreamers", people who are able to consciously construct dream scenarios to enter deep dream states and create, and bring back to the real world, works of varying size and value. A formerly-successful Dreamer whose skills and artworks have diminished in size and value struggles to regain his former glory, with the help of a woman he created in his dream world.

What I thought: This is an intriguing premise, and there is a lot of interesting worldbuilding. However, it's a 24-year-old book, and a visit by the Suck Fairy possibly accounts for several occurrences of misogyny. While it was interesting enough to finish, I have to admit that I'm mystified by the acclaim that it's getting in some quarters. It's also a grim book, and not recommended reading for those who are currently experiencing a spoon deficit.