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Jon Courtenay Grimwood


Cyber Noir: Book 1

Jon Courtenay Grimwood


Alex Gibson is an evidence chaser on the run in London. One of his eyes is palest grey. The other is a Zeiss eyecam with enough data locked in it to blow open a very messy murder trial. Unfortunately for Alex, media giant CySat GmB reckon the evidence belongs to them. And they intend to take it. so does the Order of Antioch, a shadowy organization run by an 800-year-old Sicilian psychopath.

Bad news for prosecutor Clare Fabio, who's been set up but doesn't know it. Just as she doesn't yet know her only chance of getting out of Paris alive is to cut a deal with a ruthless, criminally inclined computer.

While on the other side of the world, wired into the Cy, sits Johnnie T, leader of the neoAddix, Japan's slickest street gang - who just may be able to do something to help them.

Or maybe not...

NEOADDIX, drawing on today's and tomorrow's developments in genetics, nanotechnology and computer hacking, is a dark, violent technoshocker that splices the thriller with Japanese traditions of manga to create cutting-edge cyber noir.

Lucifer's Dragon

Cyber Noir: Book 2

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Passion di Orchi is no more than the obscenely rich daughter of a West Coast mafia boss - until she decides to rebuild Venice. In the middle of the Pacific. A century later, with New Venice ossified into a puritanical elegance, the daughter of Count Ryuchi slips away from her father's palazzo, out to the levels to play Lucifer's Dragon. A multi-level, self-perpetuating, true 3-D trawl through the Apocalypse, Lucifer's Dragon is coded so the game never repeats its own failures. But an altercation in a bar puts Karo on a collision course with NVPD officer Angeli, drafted in by media giant CySat to investigate a murder she knows way too much about. And then there's Razz, the silver exotic. Too tired and jaded to keep living, she takes on the job of guarding CySat's ultimate boss, the ten-year-old Aurelio. With all the high tech security in place, it should be a walk in the park. But the last thing Razz sees is CySat's child-ruler making too close an acquaintance with an Uzi, and then she wakes up in Zurich. Dead...


Cyber Noir: Book 3

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

LizAlec is wired for sound, speed and anything else that money can buy. But she's abducted. Her mother's a French minister, who moves Heaven and Earth to find her. Fixx fixes things - recordings, people, anything that makes money. Some of him is almost human. Now he has to find LizAlec.


Cyber Noir: Book 4

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Only two things stand between our world and financial meltdown

a silver monkey...

...and a talking gun

Axl Borja has agreed to do one last hit. His Excellency Cardinal Santo Ducque is facing political ruin if he can't regain the Vatican's missing billions. And Mai is a Japanese whore kidnapped and held hostage in a UN refugee zone.

As these three people collide - with each other and themselves - their actions mean the world and all its institutions must be changed. One thing is for sure. While Axl, Mai and the Cardinal can't all get what they want, they might just get what they need.

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