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The Night of the Hunter

Davis Grubb

The bestselling, National Book Award-finalist novel that inspired Charles Laughton's expressionist horror classic starring Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters.

Two young children, Pearl and John Harper, are being raised alone by their mother in Cresap's Landing, Ohio. Their father Ben has just been executed for killing two men in the course of an armed robbery. Ben never told anyone where he hid the ten thousand dollars he stole; not his widow Willa, not his lawyer, nor his cell-mate Henry "Preacher" Powell. But Preacher, with his long history of charming his way into widows' hearts and lives, has an inkling that Ben's money could be within his reach. As soon as he is free, Preacher makes his way up the river to visit the Harper family where--he hopes--a little child shall lead him to the fortune that he seeks.

Night of the Hunter

Forgotten Realms: Companions Codex: Book 1

R. A. Salvatore

Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall join forces to rescue an old friend and battle drow intrigue in this new chapter in the New York Times-bestselling saga

The beloved Companions of the Hall have been restored, thanks to the workings of the goddess Mielikki. With his most faithful friends at his side once more, Drizzt Do'Urden returns to Gauntlgrym to rescue Thibbledorf Pwent, Bruenor's loyal shield dwarf-turned-vampire.

But in order to return Pwent back to his mortal form, Drizzt and the Companions must first undertake a perilous journey through the Underdark--a journey made all the more dangerous by the political turmoil that has erupted among drow society. House Baenre, the most prestigious of the ruling drow houses, wants to increase its power over Menzoberranzan even further. While their leaders race to erect a sister city in Gauntlgrym, a Baenre noble seeks to tear down Drizzt Do'Urden once and for all.

The Stalking

Night Hunter: Book 1

Robert Faulcon

He has been a quiet family man -- devoted to his wife and children, happy in his home, happy in his work. It took just thirty minutes of shattering , obscene violence to transform him into a remoreseless, avenging hunter of evil -- a savage practitioner and enemy of the occult...


Somewhere -- somewhere beyond the normal and the good -- they had his family. And Dan Brady had to find them.

Against him was all the evil of the supernatural -- powers he neither knew nor understood. Powere he himself would have to learn to use if he were to track down his family in the satanic, preternatural night...

The Talisman

Night Hunter: Book 2

Robert Faulcon

The vile, demonic forces of evil have awakened and gathered on a cold, windswept coastline.

They seek a talisman of ancient power to unleash their dark reign upon the world, But not if Dan Brady can stop them.

The lives of his family are at stake. A whole community is seized by a ravaging terror. And Dan Brasy is ready for action. He is...


Determined and remorseless. A savage avenger of evil. He is sworn to destroy the monstrous forces that brutalized and abducted his wife, his son, his daughter. And nothing can stop him. Not even the darkest legions of Hell itself...

The Ghost Dance

Night Hunter: Book 3

Robert Faulcon

She looked like an ordinary Indian girl. But within her she carried a burden of evil, a force that yearned to rend and destroy. And she had traveled 3,000 miles, crossing plains, seas and mountains, to bring that force to Arachne.

Arachne -- the obscene occult power that had seized Dan Brady's wife and children and still held them in its evil clutches. Its strength was growing, its tentacles reaching out to trap and enslave the innocent and the unwarry.


And now, in a blean mountain village, Can Brady, the Night Hunter, prepared to confront a horror that could finally destroy him and all he held dear.

The Shrine

Night Hunter: Book 4

Robert Faulcon

In the remote West Country the farms around a small town are suddenly haunted by ghostly presences -- not all in human form. But when a ghost-hunter is called in to eliminate the hauntings, a greater terror is unleashed upon the land...

For, below in the dark woods, the deserted tunnels of an ancient mins have becoms the focus of primeval supernatural forces -- summoned by Arachne and now growing in strength...


And when the shrine's hideous guardian is released, the time comes for Dan Brady to challenge again the occult power that snatched away his family.

The Hexing

Night Hunter: Book 5

Robert Faulcon

Below London a lost river flows through the ruins of an ancient temple. When a group of children find it, they disturb the phantom guardian of the place -- and are gruesomely hunted down.

For Dan Brady their sinister discovery may be a clue to the location of his abducted family. But is there a connection wtiht eh warning he receives -- "The moon is coming!"? And who has marked his house with the chilling symbols of witchcraft?


Desperately searching for his kidnapped wife, Brady interferes with an evil resurrection. Then the blood-crazed ghosts of another age are summoned to stop him.

The Labyrinth

Night Hunter: Book 6

Robert Faulcon

The dead girl had walked for many miles to bring her chill message to Dan Brady -- a message with the vital clue that could finally lead him to the end of his unholy quest against the horrifying secret power of Arachne.

The clue is Magondathof... a place in the north. The place where the final act of evil will occur, the Awakening -- where the dark forces called Arachne will triumph after centuries of waiting... the place where civilization will end...


After a year of searching Brady has at last found his wife -- but the nightmare still continues. and time is running out for Brady... for his missing children... for the enitre world.