Jeff VanderMeer
Authority Cover



Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

4 Stars

In order to understand Authority, one must first read Annihilation, the first book in the Southern Reach Trilogy. Authority has a different cast of characters and takes place outside of Area X. John Rodriguez, referred to as Control (people have names in this book, although some are still referred to by their job description) has become the director of the Southern Reach. His job is to determine what happened to the former director, the Psychologist in Annihilation.

The Southern Reach is full paranoid and strange people. Instead of the creepiness and tension found in the first volume, this sequel is full of bureaucracy and paranoia. Area X seems pleasant by comparison. More questions are raised and no definitive answers about the origins of Area X are given. But then, it is the second book in a trilogy.

Although Vandermeer's prose in Authority did not invoke the same strength of emotion as it did in Annihilation, I still couldn't wait to get to the end of the book. Area X is still looming - a little closer than at the start of the book, and I am looking forward to Acceptance.