Emma Newman
Planetfall Cover



Very strong beginning, later disappointing.

(Deliberately vague to avoid spoilers)

This book got some glowing reviews, and I can see why. However, it just didn't work for me. Halfway through the focus changed from what I had come to read into something very different and which I didn't care about. A few chapters before the ending we went back to the original theme, only to turn into a third, completely unexpected direction again.

I would gladly have read the first and/or the third story, if they had been explored more thoroughly (and the ending hadn't come so out of the blue). But the abrupt change of topics... no thanks.

In addition, there is a small action shortly before the ending that was completely out of character - psychologically impossible - for the narrator to perform. This rang completely false, and I didn't get a chance to overcome my feelings due to the sudden conclusion of the novel.

I'm sorry to say: not recommended. Ymmv.