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Anna Tambour

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Anna Tambour

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Full Name: Anna Tambour


Anna Tambour has worked as an industrial designer, graphic designer, scent developer, cook, and as a grower of fruits too daunting for most purported gourmets. Of no fixed nationality, she currently lives in the Australian bush with a large family of other species, including brayers, medlars, quinces, and a man. Her stories have appeared in an anarchy of places, including infinity plus,The HMS Beagle: BioMedNet Magazine, Scary Food: A Compendium of Gastronomic Atrocity, the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences, Strange Horizons, Rudy Rucker's Flurb; and numerous anthologies including The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Paper Cities, and Bloody Fabulous.

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