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Michael Rowe

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Michael Rowe

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Full Name: Michael Rowe
Occupation: Writer, Journalist
Nationality: Canadian


Michael Rowe is a Canadian novelist and award-winning independent journalist who has lived in Beirut, Havana, Geneva, and Paris. His work has appeared in the National Post, the Globe & Mail, The United Church Observer and numerous other publications. He has been a finalist for both the Canadian National Magazine Award and the Associated Church Press Award in the United States. The author of several books, including Writing Below the Belt, a critically acclaimed study of censorship, pornography, and popular culture, and the essay collections Looking For Brothers and Other Men's Sons, which won the 2008 Randy Shilts Award for Nonfiction, he has also won the Lambda Literary Award. Between 2001 and 2009 he was a contributing writer to The Advocate. He is currently a political blogger for The Huffington Post.

His first novel, Enter, Night was published in October 2011 by ChiZine Publications.

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 Queer Fear

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