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L. Warren Douglas

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L. Warren Douglas

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Full Name: L. Warren Douglas
Born: November 3, 1943
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


L. Warren Douglas is the pseudonym of US teacher, woodcarver and author Douglas W Lugthart.

At Kalamazoo College (1962-1965) Douglas becoming fascinated with African and Merovingian history. He discovered anthropology via an introductory course taught at Kalamazoo College. After a summer working at a local museum and on a "dig" at a 500 B. C. burial mound site, Douglas studied in Aix-en-Provence, France. Douglas bought a 250cc BMW motorcycle in Marseilles, then visited or volunteered to work on archaeological sites in southern France and Greece. He returned to Provence in 1995 to research a historic fantasy trilogy, The Sorceress's Tale, set in the little-known world of A.D. 800-1000. At Grand Valley College Douglas majored in geology and anthropology, and graduated with a degree in the latter. Summers, he worked for a University of Michigan archaeological survey and several "digs" in the Muskegon River Valley. He became intrigued with man's cultural adaptations to different ecosystems, a theme central to several of his novels. In 1967 he supervised an archaeological field school crew for the University of Toledo, excavating a fortified village site, and then began basic training. Shortly after his first marriage in 1970, Douglas attended the Graduate School at Michigan State University, where he studied physical anthropology and archaeology. It was there that he formulated his hypotheses about pheromones and human behavior, ideas not provable at the time, but subsequently shown to be substantially correct. The final evidence for the ideas expressed in Douglas's novels A Plague of Change and Cannon's Orb was not made public until after Plague had been written and the manuscript delivered to Del Rey. In 1972 Douglas taught anthropology and prehistory at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where he developed certain ideas about arctic prehistory and radiocarbon dating that appear in the Arbiter novel, Glaice.

Following his return from Canada he worked as an artist for a regional planning commission and as a woodcarver specializing in bas-relief carvings of historic Michigan scenes, portraits, historic reproductions, and signs.

Douglas currently lives in Pompano Beach. Florida, where he writes and does a bit of carpentry from time to time.

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