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Al Ewing

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Al Ewing

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Full Name: Al Ewing
Born: August 12, 1977
Occupation: Author, Comics Writer
Nationality: British


Al Ewing began his career writing stories in the five-page Future Shocks format for 2000 AD and eventually moved on to regular stints on Judge Dredd.

Breaking into American comic books, Ewing was also picked by Garth Ennis to provide a six-issue arc on Jennifer Blood, a comic published byDynamite Entertainment, and a spin-off series The Ninjettes.

Al's debut novel was published in 2007 by Abaddon Books. Pax Britannia: El Sombra features a mysterious Mexican hero fighting back against the menace of steam-powered Nazis. It is set in the same Steampunk alternate history as the other novels from the Pax Britannia series. Three other novels have been published since, with a fifth on the way.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 The Afterblight Chronicles

 7. (2009)

 Pax Britannia

 1. (2007)
 2. (2010)
 3. (2012)

 Tomes of the Dead

 4. (2008)


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