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Matthew J. Harrington

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Matthew J. Harrington

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Full Name: Matthew Joseph Harrington
Born: February 8, 1960
Yokosuka, Japan
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Matthew J. Harrison waw born February 8, 1960, in the US Naval Hospital at Yokosuka, Japan. Later, he enrolled in public schools in Bowie, Maryland, and received an education by skipping class to hang out in the public library. He joined the Navy after the hostages were taken in Iran and discharged within the year.

His first story ever sold was to Larry Niven for Man-Kzin Wars series — which, given that the authors up to then were such lights as Poul Anderson, Dr. Jerry Pournelle, Hal Colebatch, Dean Ing, and Donald Kingsbury, was a sensation not unlike showing up for a draft physical and being inducted into the Justice League.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 Man-Kzin Wars

 12. (2009)

 The Stellar Guild

 7. (2014)