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Professor A. M. Low

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Professor A. M. Low

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Full Name: Archibald Montgomery Low
Born: October 17, 1888
Purley, Surrey, England UK
Died: September 13, 1956
London, England, UK
Occupation: Engineer, Writer, Physicist, Inventor
Nationality: English


Archibald Montgomery Low (17 October 1888[1] - 13 September 1956[2]) was an English consulting engineer, research physicist and inventor, and author of more than 40 books.

Low has been called the "father of radio guidance systems" due to his pioneering work on guided rockets, planes and torpedoes. He was a pioneer in many fields though, often leading the way for others, but his lack of discipline meant he hardly ever saw a project through, being easily distracted by new ideas. If it weren't for this inability to see things to a conclusion, Low could well have been remembered as one of the great men of science. Many of his scientific contemporaries disliked him, due in part to his using the title Professor, which technically he wasn't entitled to do as he didn't occupy an academic chair. His love of the limelight and publicity probably also added to the dislike.

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