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Edo van Belkom

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Edo van Belkom

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Full Name: Edo van Belkom
Born: January 1, 1962
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Canadian


Edo van Belkom also writes under the pen name of James Axler

Edo van Belkom (born 1962) is a Canadian author of horror fiction. He graduated from York University with an honors degree in creative writing. He worked as a full-time journalist for five years, first as a sports reporter at The Brampton Times, then as a police reporter with the North York Mirror, and then he had the position of assistant sports editor for the Cambridge Reporter. He reevaluated his career and his finances and then became a full-time freelance writer in 1992. He has also taught short story writing for the Peel Board of Education, been an instructor at Sheridan College, and has lectured on horror and fantasy writing at the University of Toronto and Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Van Belkom has published about 200 stories of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery in magazines and anthologies, a short story collection, and a nonfiction book Northern Dreamers: Interviews with Famous Authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, which features interviews with twenty-two of the best writers in Canada. He also wrote a how-to book, Writing Horror. He was hired as an on-air host at Scream-TV in 2001.

Van Belkom wrote the how-to book Writing Erotica, and has been described by The Vancouver Sun as "one of Canada's leading writers of erotica" for stories written mostly under the pseudonym Evan Hollander. He has also written two of the novels in the Deathlands series under the pen name James Axler.

Also outside of the horror genre, for several years he wrote a magazine serial for Truck News which recount the adventures of a former private investigator who becomes a trucker; these stories were published in the collection Death Drives a Semi.

Van Belkom has won the Stoker Award once and the Prix Aurora three times. He lives in Brampton, Ontario, with his librarian wife Roberta and son Luke.

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