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Oleg Kashin

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Oleg Kashin

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Full Name: Oleg Kashin
Born: June 5, 1989
Kalinigrad, USSR
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Russian


Born in 1980 in Kaliningrad, Russia, Oleg Kashin is one of Russia's most famous journalists and political commentators. A former navigator in the Russian Navy and current opponent of Putin, he was severely beaten nearly to death by assailants connected to the Russian government in November 2010, two months after he submitted Fardwor, Russia! to his publisher and two months before it went to print. In 2012 he received the Paul Klebnikov Fund Journalism Fellowship, which supports a period of professional development in New York City. Kashin is widely published in the U.S.; he regularly writes for The New Republic in English and has also written for The New York Times. He has been profiled in Foreign Policy and Open Democracy, among other English-language outlets. Fardwor, Russia!is his first work of fiction. He now lives in Switzerland.

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