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Bernard Pearson

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Bernard Pearson

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Full Name: Bernard Stanley Pearson
Born: September 13, 1946
Occupation: Artist
Nationality: British


Bernard Stanley Pearson is a British artist best known for sculptures of Discworld characters and buildings. He initially produced figurines at Clarecraft, which he co-founded, and upon leaving began his series of highly detailed Discworld buildings, most notably a multiple-piece Unseen University.

He currently spends less time sculpting, focusing more on producing Discworld stamps with a team of designers and illustrators. Coinage and banknotes are planned to follow to tie in with Making Money, a novel set in the Ankh-Morpork Mint.

He also runs a shop, The Cunning Artificer, in Wincanton, Somerset. The shop mainly sells Discworld related merchandise, including the stamps and pewter artifacts, as well as pieces created by various other companies and artists. He lives in Wincanton and manages the shop with his wife, Isobel Pearson.

The nickname "The Cunning Artificer" was given to him by Terry Pratchett, based on the Street of Cunning Artificers, Ankh-Morpork, often mentioned in the novels.

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