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J. R. Dunn

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J. R. Dunn

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Full Name: Jeffrey R. Dunn
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


J.R. Dunn is a novelist, editor, and political commentator active both in print and online. His three novels include This Side of Judgment (1994), Days of Cain (1997) widely hailed as one of the most powerful novels to deal with the Holocaust, and Full Tide of Night (1998). He served as associate editor of The International Military Encyclopedia (1992 -- ), which has been on "hiatus" since his departure. Since 2005, he has contributed to the American Thinker, a leading political website, writing on military affairs, contemporary politics, conservative political theory, and liberal scandals and misbehavior. His columns have been reprinted, linked to, and discussed in publications as varied as The New York Times, USA Today, the Daily Telegraph, and Investor's Business Daily. He will edit the upcoming Military Thinker, the latest addition to the AT family.

Death by Liberalism is his first full-length political study, dealing with an appalling yet little-recognized truth: liberalism kills. Programs such as criminal justice reform, automobile fuel standards, deinstitionalization of the mentally ill, and federalization of child protection have delivered not the golden, utopian results originally promised, but failure upon failure, at times at the cost of tens of thousands of lives. As many as a half-million American citizens have been killed in the past half-century by liberal good intentions. "Death by Liberalism is a frank attempt", says Dunn, "to tear the mask of moral superiority from American liberalism to reveal how monstrous it truly is."

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