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Geoff Trowbridge

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Geoff Trowbridge

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Full Name: Geoff Trowbridge
Occupation: Librarian, Writer
Nationality: American


Twenty years ago, Geoff wrote an arrangement of Alexander Courage's Star Trek Theme for his high school orchestra, and conducted the piece at his senior concert. This represented a victorious confluence of his three greatest pleasures: music, science-fiction, and just generally behaving obnoxiously in front of large crowds of people.

As time passed, Geoff found additional creative outlets, such as playing in a big-hair rock band and performing with the local civic theater, but in time he settled into a more respectable career path in computer networking. Through the miracle of self-publishing on the Internet, Geoff found a new outlet via the written word, and spent long hours probing into the more philosophical areas of religion, theology and politics--partly because of the potential for self-actualization, but mostly because it was fun to watch the heads of the closed-minded routinely explode.

Throughout it all, he never lost his love for Star Trek (though Voyager would often strain the relationship), and eventually his online connections led him to join the "Timeliners," who researched and compiled the novel chronology for Jeff Ayres's Voyages of Imagination. Geoff followed that up with his short story "Suicide Note" in The Sky's the Limit. The Chimes at Midnight is his first published novel.

When he isn't writing, he is usually either working his day job at the public library, researching the family genealogy, running chaotically around Elkhart, Indiana with his wife and three children, or angrily throwing objects at the television during a Notre Dame football game.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Star Trek: Crossovers: Myriad Universes

 2. (2008)