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Joe Zieja

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Joe Zieja

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Full Name: Joseph Zieja
Born: New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Joe Zieja was born and raised in New Jersey by a pack of loud Italians and Poles, which qualifies him as a sarcastic spaghetti sauce enthusiast who dabbles in pierogis and knows what real pizza is supposed to taste like.

Zieja is an author with a long history of doing things that have almost nothing to do with writing at all. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he dedicated more than a decade of his life to wearing The Uniform, marching around in circles, and shouting commands at people while in turn having commands shouted at him. It was both a great deal of fun and a great nuisance.

Although his works focus mainly on serious speculative fiction such as epic fantasy, some of Zieja's best-received material has been wacky humor reminiscent of Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. His shorter scribblings have appeared in various professional and semi-professional magazines across the web and in print, such as Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, and an audiobook at Dunesteef Audio Fiction.

Zieja is also a voice actor and composer of music for video games and commercials, and his voice has appeared in commercials and countless online videos.

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