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Holly Jennings

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Holly Jennings

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Full Name: Holly Jennings
Born: Canada


I'm Holly Jennings, author of Arena and professional geek girl.

My love of writing and science fiction began at a young age, when my mother gave me the gift of books and my father gave me the gift of Star Wars.

My debut novel Arena is set in the not-too-distant future and was inspired by a documentary about young adults striving to make it as pro gamers (professional video game players). Tired of so many people looking down on those who enjoy games, I created a future where gamers are the ultimate celebrity athletes. Thanks to fully-immersive virtual reality, pro gamers compete in nationwide tournaments and build their skillsets in the real world by training in weapons and martial arts. I hope that Arena is the first of many set in this world.

Why do I write what I do? Our universe is filled with countless worlds and (for now) writing is the only way to explore them, or even create ones of our own. I hope you enjoy mine.

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