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James D. Jenkins

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James D. Jenkins

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Full Name: James D. Jenkins
Occupation: Publisher, Editor, Writer
Nationality: American


James D. Jenkins is the publisher and general editor for Valancourt Books. He holds degrees in literature from the University of Kansas and the University of Chicago and a law degree from the University of Minnesota. He has published on the Gothic in peer-reviewed journals and spoken on Gothic literature at numerous academic conferences and also lectured on scholarly editing at universities in the United States and Canada. A devoted fan and collector of the types of lost Gothic and popular fiction published by Valancourt, he has edited several of Valancourt's publications and regularly travels with the press to academic conferences to display Valancourt's books and speak with prospective editors. As of June 2013, he resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Jay first became interested in Gothic and other lost popular literature as an undergraduate after stumbling upon a small, strange, old black book called The Castle of Otranto in the library stacks. Enthralled by this odd book, which was so much different than all the other old books they make you read in English class, he quickly devoured the few other Gothic novels available in print before discovering that the overwhelming majority of these wonderful books were long out of print and impossible to get. But not anymore, thanks to the efforts of Valancourt Books.

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