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Juliette Wade

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Juliette Wade

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Full Name: Juliette Wade
Born: California
Occupation: Anthropologist, Linguist, Writer, Teacher
Nationality: American


Juliette Wade grew up in the Monterey Bay area of California. Her family always maintained close relationships overseas as well as locally, so she had the chance to travel around Europe and learn French at an early age; She also started studying Spanish. For a while she actually wanted to learn "every language" (until she figured out exactly how many there are!).

Wade had always been very interested in science, and toyed with becoming a Biology major in college, but after two quarters of suffering in Organic Chemistry she decided that language was the way to go. Oddly, though, when she showed up at the Linguistics department talking about how many interesting links she saw between language and culture, she was sent to the Anthropology department. So in the end, she majored in Anthropology and Japanese as an undergraduate, and then went on to more theoretical linguistics for her Master's degree. As it turns out, the UC Santa Cruz Linguistics department was once home to Marc Okrand, who later invented the Klingon language -- okay, so it's a coincidence, but perhaps it was an omen of things to come. She later earned her PhD. from Berkeley in Education, with a specialization in Language, Literacy, and Culture.

Wade has had numerous short stories published in speculative fiction magazines including Analog Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Clarkesworld, as well as in several anthologies. She runs the Dive into Worldbuilding writing workshop series, featuring guest authors and subject matter experts, on Google Hangouts and YouTube.

Wade has lived in Japan three times, including as a university exchange student, a teacher, and as a Ph.D. candidate. She met her Australian husband, Tim, in Tokyo, and the couple now live in Newark, California, with their two children.


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