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Edgar Cantero

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Edgar Cantero

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Full Name: Edgar Cantero
Born: May 27, 1981
Barcelona, Spain
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Spanish


Edgar is a writer and cartoonist from Barcelona. The highly cultured Catalan literary tradition soon lost influence on him in favor of Hollywood blockbusters, videogames and old mass-market paperbacks. In 2007 he joined the often-trialed satirical magazine El Jueves and published his debut novel, Dormir amb Winona Ryder ("Sleeping with Winona Ryder"); it was followed by the punk dystopian thriller Vallvi in 2011. His material ranges from short stories to scripts in Catalan, Spanish or English. It often features girls kissing, stuff exploding, and ill-timed jokes. The Supernatural Enhancements (2014) is his first novel in English.

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