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Nathan Long

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Nathan Long

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Full Name: Nathan Long
Born: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Writer


I am a writer. Sometimes it's been a profession, sometimes an addiction, but I've always done it, and I always will - paid or not. I have written screenplays, teleplays, radio plays, novels, short stories, comic books, songs, and dirty limericks. It is the thing I most like to do. It can drive me crazy sometimes, when I'm trying to work out a knot in the plot, or find the right way to get some idea or emotion across, but the satisfaction when I solve the problem is the second greatest feeling in the world. The first is hearing that I have affected a reader in the way I hoped I would - whether I made them laugh, cry or curse my name. There is no high like it.

I read the same sort of stuff that I write - lots of fantasy and adventure fiction, with some mysteries and historicals and comedies mixed in. For fun, I play bass in a band. Sometimes we're a country rock cover band, sometimes a Brit-Pop cover band. Either way we're loud, sloppy and fun at parties. Both incarnations come out of my love of music - country, punk, rockabilly, old R+B, soul, ska, reggae, glam, metal, lounge - I like 'em all. I love old movies too, swashbucklers, noir, musicals, costume dramas, as well as Hong Kong kung-fu movies, Japanese samurai movies, and British comedies. I collect art and illustration books, and wish I had enough wall space to put all up the prints I have rolled up under my bed. I'm also fascinated by odd corners of the pop culture universe - pro-wrestling, lucha libre, Japanese visual rock, Takarazuka, old vaudeville, music hall, and archaic slang.

By accident, I live in Los Angeles. I've been here twenty years.

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