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Lucy Kissick

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Lucy Kissick

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Full Name: Lucy Kissick
Occupation: nuclear chemist, writer
Nationality: British


I am a nuclear chemist specialising in the management of the back-end of the fuel cycle, working at a national laboratory near the English Lake District.

Until recently I was a planetary geochemist earning my PhD at the University of Oxford, where I researched how ancient Martian lakes once affected the planet's climate. I have presented for BBC Earth and the Royal Society, written for the Royal Geographical and Royal Astronomical Societies, and been interviewed for the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Originally from the Victorian seaside town of Southport, I am a fourth-generation-gardener's daughter who grew up in a geographer's paradise of sand dunes and pine forests. Outside of research I hike, wild-swim, vlog for my Youtube channel The PhDiaries, and write fiction.

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