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Posted 2020-02-12 3:27 PM (#21802 - in reply to #21614)
Subject: Re: Pick & Mix 2020 reading challenge
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I am enjoying watching a few astronomy documentaries about the solar system at the moment,our own backyard,as you could term it.I read Leigh Brackett's Sword of Rhiannon last month,published around 1950,the last gasp of the old planetary romances about Mars(and Venus).Now its all science fact.
But I am enjoying Hubble's Universe : a Portrait of our Cosmos a nice little book of some of the spectacular photographs taken by the Hubble telescope,learning or refreshing my mind on some basic facts . Interesting,but not at all romantic! lol
The photos really are magnificent,but daunting. When I was a kid,the general public (always 40years behind the scientists.We still had TV programmes in the 60s trying to explain Einstein's relativity) knew a little about the Milky Way as we fondly termed our galaxy.Thought pehaps there were a few other galaxies,and that was about it. :0)Now we hear of BiILLIONS of galaxies,each with billions of stars.Black holes,dark matter,etc I am starting to feel a bit like those people in Asimov's Nightfall seeing the night sky is becoming a truly scary thing,too much to grasp
So I am retreating to our own backyard,in astronomicalterms.! I rattled through Clifford D Simak's The Trouble With Tycho,cute little novella about a dangerous alien in the Tycho crater on the moon. Great fun in the exuberant 50s adventure style.

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