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Highlander: An Evening at Joe's
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Highlander: An Evening at Joe's

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Author: Gillian Horvath
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group, 2000
Series: Highlander: Book 10
Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Immortality
Contemporary Fantasy
Historical Fantasy
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In one of the year's most unusual media tie-in events, the cast, crew and writers of a smash-hit TV series turn their creative talents to writing original fiction based on their own show.

The show is television's popular Highlander series. And these are the stories that have remained untold until now: character histories by the actors who play them... spin-offs of favorite episodes...plots that exist only in the producer's imagination. These all-new adventures of Duncan MacLeod and the Immortals offer a once-in-a-lifetime look inside the minds of the people who know Highlander best-because they created Highlander...



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