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Author: Gabriel King
Publisher: Head of Zeus, 2017
Arrow, 2002
Series: Tag, the Cat: Book 4
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Behind the realm of man lie the wild roads. Weaving through time and space, these hidden pathways carry the natural energies - the spirits, the dreams - of the world.

No creature can slip into the shadows and travel the wild roads better than the cat. For millennia, cats have patrolled the tangled paths, maintaining balance and order, guarding against corruption and chaos. It is dangerous territory: for those who control the wild roads hold the key to the world.

Amid the struggle between the purest good and the darkest evil, here are tales of duty and destiny, of courage and comradeship among the extraordinary creatures who brave the wild roads...

After his cousin died in a fire that ravaged the house, John Dawe has inherited the old manor Nonesuch. John adores the crumbling house, but for his wife, Anna, the legacy is tainted, inextricably linked with John's cousin, known as the Witch of ashmore, who tried so hard to destroy Anna and the cats she holds dear.

As John's obsession with rebuilding Nonesuch intensifies, their relationship disintegrates. And Eleanor, the baby that should have brought them together, drives them further apart, for along with John's family's disconcertingly green eyes, she has also inherited some unnerving characteristics. A house full of memories quickly becomes a family full of secrets. As Anna battles to throw off her growing sense of dread, the grim mystery at the heart of Nonesuch will be revealed.


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