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Fortune of Fear

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Fortune of Fear

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Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher: Galaxy Press, 2004
New Era, 1987
Bridge Publications, 1986
Series: Mission Earth: Book 5
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Galaxy Press, Inc. ยท Fortune of Fear: Mission Earth Volume 5 Excerpt

The Voltarian invaders are getting down and dirty in the deadliest of games. The prize: Planet Earth.

Voltarian Royal Officer Jettero Heller has heart, nerve, and a quick mind on his side. His archenemy Soltan Gris has cunning, ruthlessness, and a devious plan on his. But what neither of them has is money.

Heller's solution is Atlantic City, where he puts a new spin on gambling while the Atlantic City mafia puts a spin of their own on him.

Gris, on the other hand, has struck gold--if only he could figure out a way to move 12 tons of it. Until then, he'll just sell his body.

Into this world of dirty money, dirty tricks, and dirty games, the wildest of wild cards is about to change everything. Countess Krak is back--and this voluptuous Voltarian could prove to be the key player in coming to grips with a Fortune of Fear.



To My Lord Turn, Justiciary of the Royal Courts and Prison, Government City, Planet Voltar, Voltar Confederacy

Your Lordship, Sir!

I, Soltan Gris, Grade Eleven General Services Officer, former Secondary Executive of the Coordinated Information Apparatus, Voltar Confederacy (Long Live His Imperial Majesty Cling the Lofty), am herewith presenting with all due humility the fifth volume of the confession of my crimes.

While I have not heard back from Your Lordship, I am certain that by now I have convinced you that it was Fleet Officer Jettero Heller who drove me to these despicable actions.

It was only because of him that I ordered the Countess Krak and Dr. Crobe brought from Spiteos prison to Earth. Heller had been moving too fast and Lombar Hisst needed time to implement his plan to move from control of the Apparatus to control of the Confederacy itself. Krak would give us that time. She had slowed Heller to a crawl when we were preparing to leave for Earth. I knew that she would do the same to him again. Then if necessary, I could move in the vicious Dr. Crobe and cut Heller down.

On the other hand, I figured I might need Crobe's medical skills to piece Heller together when Krak found out that he was living at the Gracious Palms whorehouse with a bevy of beautiful women. I had personally witnessed how she could kill men twice her size with her bare hands. Heller would be nothing. After all, I wanted to take my own personal revenge on this upstart Royal officer.

I also had a score to settle with the Countess Krak. She had tricked me into wearing a hypnohelmet and then given me a command to become violently ill if I thought of harming Heller. I vowed that she would pay dearly for all the times she had made me sick.

She tried to trick me again when she arrived at our Afyon base. But this time I outsmarted her. I had a micro-sized mutual-proximity breaker switch embedded under my scalp. Originally designed to alert ships in formation that another craft was within a two-mile proximity, I had the switch installed in all the hypnohelmets on the base in order to nullify them whenever I was within the same distance.

This time when she put a helmet on me, I just pretended to go into a trance. She told me that I would help her reach Heller and would let her go anywhere on the base and take anything she wanted. When she took off the helmet, it was all I could do to keep from laughing in her face.

She even believed my story that she needed to have an operation to remove all identifying marks and scars before she could go to the US. It was the same ruse I had used on Heller to put the bugs on him. Prahd Bittlestiffender implanted the respondo-mitters next to her aural and optical nerves as he had done with Heller back on Voltar. Now when she went to the US, I would be able to watch and hear everything that each of them did.

While she was unconscious on the operating table, I searched for those two "Royal" forgeries I had given her. One was her "pardon" as a criminal and the other excused Heller from any further missions, thus allowing them to marry. I had had them forged and swore her to secrecy to gain her loyalty.

I couldn't find them! They weren't even taped to her body. I had to find them before they were discovered and got us both executed--especially me!

After tinkering over her nails and teeth, Prahd completed the operation and put her into a recovery room for the gas to wear off. Typical of his loyalties and priorities, he then went off to his room with Nurse Bildirjin.

He may have thought the task was done but not I. My experience with the Countess Krak had taught me to be ever alert! To make sure she did not slip away, I took her clothing and posted myself in a chair outside the door of her room. I put my foot on her spaceboots so that if I dozed off and she should try to remove them I would be instantly alerted.

I flipped the safety off my stun gun, leaned back in my chair and began my vigil. Once again I had to bear the burden of my lonely duty.

Copyright © 1986 by L. Ron Hubbard


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