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The Fire Opal Mechanism

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The Fire Opal Mechanism

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Author: Fran Wilde
Publisher: Publishing, 2019
Series: Gemworld: Book 2

1. The Jewel and Her Lapidary
2. The Fire Opal Mechanism
3. The Book of Gems

Book Type: Novella
Genre: Fantasy
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Jewels and their lapidaries and have all but passed into myth.

Jorit, broke and branded a thief, just wants to escape the Far Reaches for something better. Ania, a rumpled librarian, is trying to protect her books from the Pressmen, who value knowledge but none of the humanity that generates it.

When they stumble upon a mysterious clock powered by an ancient jewel, they may discover secrets in the past that will change the future forever.


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The Fire Opal Mechanism

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