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Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls

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Author: James A. Moore
Publisher: Meisha Merlin Publishers, 2003

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
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Every town has secrets. Every town has a past that is littered with violence and tainted with lust and greed. Serenity Falls is no exception. There are deeds best forgotten, buried in the past and hidden from prying eyes, but some things refuse to stay concealed. Something in Serenity wants to make itself known and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Serenity has had its problems, to be sure, but as a whole everything seems to be getting better. The local economy is booming and the job market has gone from almost nothing to enough work to keep everyone who wants the work employed. Still, something is going sour in the 'Falls. The cemetery has been desecrated, the children are disappearing, the locals are having trouble with all the new people in town, and there have been several attacks by wild animals. The town is trying to rebuild itself, to recover from over a decade of hard times, but every success is met with tragedy and Jonathan Crowley, a stranger himself in the town, is certain that the events are all connected. Proving his theories could be the death of him, because Jonathan Crowley didn't come to Serenity Falls looking for work like most of the newcomers. He was led there, drawn by a series of deadly encounters to look into the town's past and find out what the people who live there have been hiding. Because some secrets aren't meant to be kept and some towns aren't meant to exist. The truth will be known. The past will be revealed. Vengeance will be had. Every Soul Will Scream.


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