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Tourmalin's Time Cheques

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Tourmalin's Time Cheques

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Author: F. Anstey
Publisher: Greenhill Books, 1987
J. W. Arrowsmith, 1891
Series: Greenhill Science Fiction Series: Book 6
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Time Travel
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Anstey's work comes closest to SF in Tourmalin's Time Cheques (A Farcical Extravagance) (1891; vt The Time Bargain; or, Tourmalin's Cheque Book 1905), one of the earliest Time-Paradox stories and a pioneering example of Time Out of Sequence complications, though in the end, resolved as a dream.


The Prologue:

On Deck.--Curry and Culture.--Alternative Distractions.--A Period of Probation.--The Oath and the Talisman.--Wavering.--A Chronological Error.--The Time Bargain.--Tourmalin Opens an Account.

Mr. Peter Tourmalin was sitting, or rather lying, in a steamer-chair on the first-class saloon-deck of the P. and O. steamer Boomerang, which had not been many days as yet on the voyage home from Sydney. He had been trying to read; but it was a hot morning, and the curry, of which he had partaken freely at breakfast, had made him feel a little heavy and disinclined for mental exertion just then, particularly as Buckle's History of Civilisation, the first volume of which he had brought up from the ship's library, is not exactly light literature at any time.

He wanted distraction of some sort, but he could not summon up sufficient energy to rise and pace the deck, as his only acquaintance on board, a Mr. Perkins, was doing with a breezy vigour which Tourmalin found himself feebly resenting.

Copyright © 1891 by F. Anstey


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