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Author: Alan Rodgers
Richard Hatch
Publisher: iBooks, 2002
Series: Battlestar Galactica 1: Book 18
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The remnants of the ragtag fleet and the battle-scarred Galactica have escaped the clutches of the Cylons and have warped into an unknown quadrant of the galaxy. It is a pocket of null-space in which their stardrives will not work. Tom make matters worse, the recent conflicts have left many wounded and medical supplies are critically low... as are the fleets food resources and fuel supplies.

While scouts venture forth in search of a habitable planet, the civilian population of the fleet rebels. Fights over the dwindling supplies break out among civilian factions, and the military is called upon to restore order, which only serves to heighten the tension. And, once again, accusing fingers are pointed squarely at the man whose responsibility it is to assure the saftey and well-being of all: Apollo. Even members of the Galactica's bridge crew turn against him.

Adding to the growing tension is the fact that Troy and Dalton, Trays and Boomer, the planetary search parties are missing. But the real stunner is the revelation that Casseopia is pregnant, and that she has acknowledged Apollo as the father!

Apollo and Athena are relieved of their commands and thrown into the brig. Civilians take over and chaos reigns, just in time for the Cylons to arrive. And soon after the Cylons, the even more deadly, alien Chitain show up. Apollo must somehow regain command of the fleet, organize a fight against the Cylons and Chitain, find a way to resupply the fleet and devise an escape route from the pocket of null-space in which they are stuck, before it implodes and destroys everything and everyone caught in it.


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