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Lest Darkness Fall

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Lest Darkness Fall

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Author: L. Sprague de Camp
Publisher: Pyramid Books, 1963
Galaxy Science Fiction, 1955
Henry Holt and Company, 1941
Series: Galaxy Science Fiction: Book 24
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate History (SF)
Time Travel
Light/Humorous SF
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(92 reads / 47 ratings)


Martin Padway, 20th-century archaeologist, becomes a reluctant one-way time-traveller, landing in Rome on the verge of the Dark Ages. With no way home, he sets out to make the world he's in a better place.

In short order, Padway "invents" and introduces such things as Printing and newspapers, Arabic numerals, Double entry bookkeeping, Copernican astronomy, and, most important -- Distilling. And the world of decaying Rome will never be the same!


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Lest Darkness Fall

- warack
Lest Darkness Fall

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Lest Darkness Fall

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Lest Darkness Fall

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Lest Darkness Fall

- Acknud


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