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Revenge of the Valkyrie

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Revenge of the Valkyrie

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Author: Thorarinn Gunnarsson
Publisher: Ace Books, 1989
Series: Song of the Dwarves: Book 2

1. Song of the Dwarves
2. Revenge of the Valkyrie

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The ring held evil power, and those with wisdom sought only its destruction - to obliterate the Rhinegold from which it was made. First stolen by cunning Loki from the dwarf Andvari, the Rhinegold bears an eternal curse, betraying the hand that bears it.

But now Jordh, the living spirit of the middle world who bespeaks every strand of all destinies, can see only one path avert ultimate catastrophe for the nine worlds: Odhinn, the wise and powerful Allfather, must risk recovering the ring from the icy lair of a dragon.

So begins the final battle fo the mighty gods and spirits of ancient days. An epic war to end all wars...


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