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The Abraxas Marvel Circus

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The Abraxas Marvel Circus

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Author: Stephen Leigh
Publisher: Phoenix Pick, 2012
Roc, 1990

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Lee P


Carlos Theopelli had been dead for years, and no one cared about his life's work: the so-called "Destiny Matrices." As far as most people were concerned, Theopelli was just another crackpot scientist, and pretty much a jerk, to boot.

But not to Angela. And not to the mage-dwarf Caleb Mundo and his pet mindbeast Alice. To them, Theopelli's notebook -- and his corpse -- might be the key to survival. Everything swirled around the confused mind of Joan the Flower Man, who had used pages from the notebook to wrap the flowers she sold on the NYC streets.

Add into the mix Dirk, a former history professor turned rock singer, as well as Ecclesiastes Mitsumishi, an eccentric mortician, and Abel Henderson, a preacher with a pet prophet, and you're ready for a wild romp through multiple realities, as well as world-saving heroics.

Expect the unexpected at the ABRAXAS MARVEL CIRCUS!


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