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Andromeda:  A Space-Age Tale
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Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale

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Alternate Title: Andromeda Nebula
Author: Ivan Yefremov
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1959
Original Russian publication, 1957
Series: The Great Ring: Book 1

1. Andromeda

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Andromeda Nebula is an cosmic sf opera about a post-capitalist society one thousand or so years into the far future. The people of this society have made contact with extra-terrestrials via a long distance communications network known as 'the Great Circle'. In the novel the Great Circle pre-exists human contact. Humans of Earth made contact with the Great Circle -- an achievement made possible by the powerful engines, receivers and transmitters of a planetary society rationally organised in a post market fashion.

The activities with which most humans are creatively engaged are scientific research and artistic expression. The material necessities of life are produced by automatic machinery, or by the targeted use of human labour in industrial areas not completely automatized. The latter activities are voluntarily organised and are often conducted on a temporary basis in-between the more usual scientific and artistic activities.


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