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Belt Publishing

Belt Publishing

Founded: 2013
Founded by:
Cleveland, Ohio USA


Belt Publishing is a small, independent press founded in Cleveland in 2013 as a platform for new and influential voices from the Rust Belt and Midwest. As with our sister publication, Belt Magazine, we are committed to carefully edited, complex writing. We believe in quality over quantity and community over analytics. Our titles have been praised by the New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Daily Beast, Ebony, Ploughshares, and numerous other publications.

Our growing catalog of original titles includes four core imprints. The City Anthology Series compiles essays from homegrown and expat writers about the cities they love. Neighborhood Guidebooks explore the smaller enclaves that form the larger cultural identities of major cities. Notches publishes "shortform" books (or, perhaps, "really longform essays") by some of the nation's best writers about often overlooked subjects of interest to the Midwest. Belt Revivals brings back influential works from the past that illuminate the present and inform our future.

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Authors Published

• Clare Harris