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Stelliform Press

Stelliform Press

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Stelliform Press is a small independent literary press which publishes novellas, novels, short story collections, and works of creative non-fiction which address our world's most pressing problems: climate change, ecological destruction, and the effect of these issues on how we relate to each other and to the other beings that live with us in the world. We see these problems as systemic and pervasive, exacerbating long-standing social issues, and challenging us to confront the roots of human thought and feeling.

Because of this, Stelliform Press stories address environmental issues from many different perspectives and are, foremost, emotional and relational or interconnected narratives which can help us to find the strength and inspiration we need to confront the uncertain future. To do the work we need to do.

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• Octavia Cade  • Michael DeLuca  • Simeon Kern  • Cynthia Zhang