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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Union Square & Co.

Union Square & Co.

Founded: 2022
Founded by:
New York City, New York USA


At Union Square & Co. our mission is to publish books and products with a point of view. We promote excellence in contemporary book publishing and honor the vision of our creators by providing best-in-class editorial and design paired with the highest quality production, sales, and marketing.

Established in 2022, our inaugural list highlighted our dedication to talent-driven publishing for adults and children. That same year we welcomed two new businesses to the family: Knock Knock and Em & Friends, known for their innovative gift and stationery products, and Boxer Books, known for its commitment to picture books for young children.

The creation of Union Square & Co. was influenced by New York City's Union Square Park, where we are located. Singular in its design, its location, and its energy, this park is like so many community gathering places around the world--people shop, dine, experience art and music, voice their perspectives on social issues, burn off youthful energy in the playground, play board games, or find a moment of peace on a park bench. Our focus on quality, curation, entertainment, distinction, and change is directly inspired by the characteristics of this park.

Just as a park unites a community, we believe that words unite us all. And it is with this spirit that we invite you to explore Union Square & Co. and be nourished, entertained, and inspired.

Union Square & Co. is a subsidiary of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc, a publisher with a history that spans more than 70 years. Across its affiliates, the publisher has a title base of approximately 14,500 print and eBook titles, and distributes approximately 1,100 titles on behalf of client publishers.

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Authors Published

• Harlan Ellison  • Joseph Straczynski