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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Beccon Publications

Beccon Publications

Founded: 1981
Founded by: Roger Robinson
Location: 75 Rosslyn Ave
Harold Wood
EssexRM3 0RG
Titles/Circulation: 0



Beccon is a British small-press publisher specialising in science fiction, and does not produce "print-on-demand" editions, preferring to print one or two "real" books each year.


Beccon is a one-man-band - and is run by long-time SF fan Roger Robinson, who gratefully acknowledges assistance from friends and family over the years as the need has arisen.


The first Beccon publication (a bibliography of Barrington J Bayley) was issued in August 1981. Since then more than 50 booklets &/or books have been produced.


The name "Beccon" was given to a series of SF conventions in the 1980s - and initially stood for "Basildon, Essex Crest Convention" after the hotel in which the conventions were held in 1981, 1983 & 1985 - and several early publications related to these conventions. Subsequently the name was taken over by one of the convention committee members, Roger Robinson, for his fledgling small press.

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Authors Published

• Gary Wolfe  • John Clute  • Paul Kincaid  • Elizabeth Hand